Fashionably French
That’s the title of an article about Katia’s Collections in the current issue of Inside Publications’ East Sacramento edition. The article explores Katia’s background and how Katia’s Collections reflects her French upbringing. The article can be found on page 40 of the print edition or online by clicking here.
At the airport this morning a woman came up to me and showered me with compliments on my outfit! She asked me where I shopped and I told her Katia’s on H Street — you may have a new customer. I was wearing my new Eva black long jacket over an Eva dress, black tights and ankle boots.
— Jennifer, Sacramento
Just wanted to thank Katia for her most kind help with my mom (Mary) yesterday.  She’s dealing with my father’s illness right now.  Not that that’s an excuse, but she isn’t usually so negative.  Katia was BRILLIANT! Thought she’d get a kick out of Mary telling everyone at lunch about how wonderful Katia is and how fun the boutique is. Hopefully some new-to-you clients will be popping in. I for one will be back when I can browse in leisure. I love my little little sweater. It will go with me to Carmel next week, perfect!
— Leslie G., Sacramento


I cannot praise owner Katia and her assistant Irina enough. This boutique of exceptionally stylish clothes for the modern woman is the best place to shop in the area. I have shopped there for several years and Katia’s professionalism, fashion sense, and personalized service is unparalleled to “shopping at the mall”. I had ordered a dress for my daughter’s wedding in March 2011. It was custom made at a bridal salon in SF. When it arrived, the fit was atrocious, the owner unwilling to refund my money and I was in tears. I was resigned to take my loss. I went to Katia’s Collections looking for a new dress. I shared my experience with Katia and after I tried the dress on for her, she offered to contact the vendor on my behalf. A full refund was received. Katia had the “perfect dress” in her store, ordered it in my size and I had it in 2 weeks. I will NEVER veer from Katia’s personal fashion advice. She knew exactly what style of dress would be most flattering for my figure. This is just one of many examples of her knowledge of the exquisite line of clothes she carries. Chic and stylish, she saved the day for me. I wholeheartedly recommend her to all my friends and family.

~ Sue F., Sacramento

I have driven by this shop many times and have admired the clothes in the window. I finally decided to stop and am so happy that I did. I have been looking for the perfect dress for my high school reunion and found it at Katia’s Collections. On the advice of a friend, I let Katia select several dresses for me to try. Each dress was perfect for my body type and the correct size, without telling her my size (size 10). I decided on a dress that I never would have selected on my own. It fit perfect, and looks great on me. The price was reasonable for the quality of the dress that I purchased. I will return, and will continue to trust Katia’s recommendations.

~ Mary D., Sacramento

I have been shopping at Katia’s Collections for a number of years and have been absolutely thrilled with the beautiful fashions as well as the excellent customer service that I have always gotten from Katia and her staff. Whether I buy for work, an evening out with friends or a special party I know that I will get lots of compliments, which is never a bad thing. Katia has helped me find my style by giving me great advice and very practical suggestions. I would encourage every woman that wants to look her best to stop by and see for herself.

~ S.P., Sacramento

I highly recommend Katia’s Collections. She offers the best and most recent fashions in the area. I have been shopping there for ten years and have never been disappointed. She provides honest advice to have you look your best! She spends time getting to know you. With this knowledge, she quickly knows what fashions you would love and offers new fashion ideas that will look great on you. I love art and clothes are like art when shopping at Katia’s. I buy both casual, comfort, work as well as dressy clothes. I have never been disappointed. Highly recommend.

~ Margie C., Sacramento

Katia has a slew of devoted followers – myself included. She either has what I need/want, or she consults with me as to what I should do with the things I already own. Her memory is incredible. If she sold it to you, or if she saw it on you, she remembers. Her customers gather in her shop because they love the selection, and because it’s fun being a girl around Katia. She is so capable in many areas: food, fashion, etiquette. If you don’t need anything for your wardrobe, you can drop by the shop just to brush up on your French and your Italian. When Katia tells me the look, fit, or style of a garment is not right for me, I pass it by. I love the efficiency of a clothing editor who saves me time and helps me to avoid mistakes.

~ Maxine C., Carmichael

Sexy, chic, sporty, business-like or romantic, Katia’s always has what I’m looking for! Before finding Katia’s, I never know how much fun dressing could be! Now, I have my own style, thanks to the personal attention and expertise of Katia. I have never before experienced such personalized attention and care while shopping. Not only is Katia a wonderful resource and attentive to my needs, but her well-trained staff are ready to help, and even to fit a garment for you, if it needs a nip or a tuck! My clothing have never fit so well. I have found that their “special occasion” wear is particularly well-priced; I recently bought a gorgeous black dress for under $200! Kudos to Katia and her staff!

~ Jan P., Sacramento

Katia’s Collections is incomparable to any other shop in Sacramento. From the sophisticated, classy and fresh styles that she brings into the boutique to her personalized service that is truly rare. Not only do I love shopping there–this is my husband’s go-to place for finding just the perfect gift for me–from clothing to accessories, Katia knows what I like and it makes it easy for my husband to put a huge smile on my face.

~ Diane S., Sacramento

I love Katia’s for its great clothing selection and Katia, the owner’s, wonderful customer service. It’s the go-to store for my wardrobe needs, from finding the perfect outfit for a special occasion to travel and work clothes. Katia is an artist — she knows how clothes fit, what will be the most flattering styles and colors and what will coordinate with my existing wardrobe. She has dramatically improved my wardrobe and fashion style. It’s great to know that whatever the occasion, with Katia’s expert guidance, I am dressed appropriately and look great. Thanks Katia!

~ Lori J., Sacramento

Katia’s Collections is the very best. Katia always has wonderful things and can pull an outfit together in no time using things already in your closet with just a few new pieces. And, can she give you great tips on what to travel in. Always has time for her customers even when you arrive at closing time. I might think I’m just browsing, but 9 times out of 10 I leave with something I’ll treasure until it falls apart.

~ Candy D., Sacramento