Our Services

Style consulting

Shopping at Katia’s Collections is more about complementing your personal style than buying single items. We want to create for you a polished and professional look that saves you time and money and takes the pain out of getting dressed every day.

Dream closet creation

Katia is happy to review the clothes currently in your wardrobe to ensure they reflect who you really are as we create your “dream closet.” From pants and skirts to sweaters and tees, we’ll make sure you have the right combinations to give you maximum flexibility while still being true to who you are.

Traveling tips

Katia will even help you plan for that upcoming trip. Your options when traveling are only limited by your imagination. She will help you learn to pack light and still look chic. For example, by packing mostly washable, no-iron clothes that work well together you can stretch two outfits into four or five and keep them color coordinated


To make absolutely sure everything fits perfectly we offer the services of our in-store seamstress. You may need just a bit taken in at the waist or a simple hem for your pants, jeans or dresses. Our experienced seamstress will provide that final touch in a short time and at a reasonable cost

We are happy to help you with any of your clothing that requires alteration regardless of whether you purchased it at Katia’s Collections or elsewhere. Please call us for an appointment.


Katia works with clients to create a polished and professional look for them.

Katia works with clients to create a polished and professional look for them.